Whether you are a student or a parent, moving from the classroom to online learning can be a challenge. It might feel like your education has been disrupted and it can be difficult to find your bearings. However, with support from your teacher and a few helpful resources, it can also become an opportunity for students to explore their interests and develop greater independence, and for parents to build new connections with their children around their day-to-day learning activities. The resources below focus on motivation, self-care, skills, and strategies for success in online learning.

Flexible Online Courses

Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

  • The LTLO team at Athabasca University is excited to announce LTLO Express, a completely new, 4-week course on the transition to online learning, designed especially for youth. This course is sponsored by AU and offered at no charge. Moving from your familiar classroom to a new world of online learning, youth ages 14 – 21 will have the opportunity to make important steps in what will be a lifelong journey as a learner. This course will help you through the first leg of your journey as an online learner. Check the website for more information and next offering dates.
  • Learning to Learn Online MOOC (open course, Athabasca University) is recommended to both students and teachers who are looking to understand how learning works in an online space. LTLO explores the fundamentals of the learning process and various models of online courses to determine your learning preferences and which forms of online learning are best for you. Activities will address common misconceptions, frustrations, and fears about online learning, and introduce techniques to help overcome such obstacles and gain confidence as a learner. Check the website for more information and next offering dates.

Preparing for Online Learning

Tips and Guides

Learning Resources

Education Apps and Tools

Health & Wellness while Learning at Home

What Schools are Doing?


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